According to the traditions of the construction of Orthodox churches, Chapel of the Transfiguration in the village of Tahko-Tours is located on the top of a hill.

Construction was started in July 2013 and was completed in late December of that year.

In August 21, 2013, Archbishop of Karelia and Finland Leo, has carried out the ritual consecration of the chapel construction.

The Finnish construction company HONKA, which later has carried out the all construction, designed the project of the chapel.

The chapel was built of natural wood.


November 7, 2013 took place Exaltation of the Cross, consecrated by Archbishop Leo. 

The bells were made to order on  the world-famous Dutch factory Petit & Fritsen, where strictly followed the old traditions of casting bells. In the belfry are eight different-sized bells, weighing about 400 kg. Ringing of bells is making by means of an electronic system,in which programmed seven different melodies. The altar, what was made by hand by masters of Moscow Danilovsky Monastery is the main center of the chapel. In the same monastery were made and the remaining items of interior decoration.

After installation of the altar, at the feast of the Transfiguration, August 19, 2014 (Julian calendar), was made ceremony of official opening and consecration of the chapel. The Joint service conducted by Archbishop of Karelia and Finland Leo and 1st Representative of the Moscow Patriarchate in Finland, Archpriest Victor Lyutik, with the participation of a deacon and Jyrki Hyarkёnina monk of St. Danilov Monastery Alexis.


Currently, the chapel is open to the public every Friday
from 10 to 11 hours.


For information about these services possible to learn on Facebook and on the official website