From any country of the world to Finland by plane!

The international airport is located in Vaanta, near the capital of Finland, Helsinki.



At the airport, you can rent a car and continue the journey along the route:

Vaanta - Mikkeli - Kuopio - Nilsiä - Tahko Tours.
433.7 km, 4 hr 48 min driving (5 hr 9 min with traffic).
Another option - you can fly by plane, or go by train to the Kuopio town.
In Kuopio, you can rent a car and drive to Tahko Tours (Nilsiä).
60 km, 50 min.
Workers of Tahko-Tours can advance to rent a car for you in any city in Finland.
If on the way to us you have any problems, please contact by phone +358 400 650 373 (en).
You can also book a transfer from Kuopio to Tahko from Tahko-Tours Oy.




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