Organizer : Savo Shot

Address: Pääskyntie 10
73300 NILSIÄ
GSM: 0400190663
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Savo Shot makes sport shooting possible for everyone. Savo Shot arrange shooting in official shooting range in Tahko. You don´t need any earlier experience of shooting, because you will have lesson about safety and shooting technique in shooting range. For shooting you can choose from small rifles and pistols to bigger revolvers, rifles and shotguns.

All shootings include taxes, shooting guide, shooting equipment, gun rental, cartridges, targets, and insurance. Selfmade gun brokes 200€.



Smallrifle shooting                                                         35 € / person

Shooting with smallest guns which need license. 50 shots.

Rifle shooting                                                                65 € / person

Shooting with many kinds of rifles to various targets. 40 shots.


In this package you can try small rifles as well as bigger guns, assault rifles and sniper rifles. Assault rifles are designed by Kalashnikov. Guns: Savage 64f, Beretta CX4 Storm, Saiga MK semiauto, Sako Trg-22, Etc..

Pistol shooting                                                                 95 € / person

Shooting with various pistols and revolvers. 50 shots.

For shooting we use small caliber pistols and bigger ones. Officers around Europe use Glock 17 and in this package you will also. This package also includes shooting with S&W .500 mag revolver The most powerful handgun in the world. Guns: Colt .22 LR, Glock 17, S&W .357, S6W 1911, Etc...

Shotgun shooting                                                            65 € / 75 € / person

Shooting to clay pigeons, Compak sporting. Prices 25/50 shots.

In Compak sporting you get to shoot different clay pigeons. This is very good practice for shotgun hunters. For shooting we use Marocchi 03/99 an Italian sport shotgun.

Movie guns shooting                                                        60 € / person

Shooting with different rifles and pistols. 30 shots

In this package you get to test various guns seen in the movies. There is James Bond´s Walther PPK and “Dirty Harry” .44 magnum revolver also M-16 assault rifle and Kalashnikov rifle. One of the guns is from Second World War, made in 1934, and one is Glock 17 9mm pistol which is used by many police forces around the world.

Shooting day                                                                  350 € / person

Shooting day is what it says. You get to shoot with all of our guns. It takes about 5 hours/5 person. This package includes lunch.

Outdoor supper                                                              5 € / person

Includes coffee made on fire, tea, soft drinks( juice+water), sausages.